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The next venue was the iconic MIRO Mayfair, where guests dined by candlelight. Black candlesticks in antique gold holders, layers of thick cobwebs dressed the entire bar and created the perfect setting for a spooky yet sophisticated evening. The entrance featured Lucifer’s very own throne, featuring overhanging meathooks, jet black crows perching on the arms and piles of muddied bones. This truly was an opportunity to Dine with the Devil.

Lastly, and by no means least, Bellowby Hutcher created an amazing installation at Restaurant Ours in Chelsea.

Hundreds of misshapen pumpkins dressed the bar, with red and black candles for contrast. Their iconic indoor trees featured bats, huge furry spiders and cleverly placed cobwebs. Black LED candles hung from invisible wire to appear suspended in the air. Luminaire Events were the masterminds behind the 6m inflatable moon which hung from the beams and finished the entire look.

Working with the brilliant team at Luminaire Events, I was instructed to create halloween installations across three of Cream Group’s sites.

The Windmill in Soho was the perfect location for a spooky cabaret. We designed an intimate, cobweb covered Psychic Reading Room. Cages filled with lifelike rats, crows and toads hung from the ceiling in vintage bird cages, dripping with cobwebs and ivy. Candles were suspended on invisible wire from the ceiling, and mirrors covered in bloody handprints decorated the walls.

Skeletons, hanging bodies, piles of bones and more ivy than you could imagine dressed the entire venue which was home to a series of halloween cabaret evenings. Guests enjoyed welcome drinks in the bar, where a thick layer of dry ice blanketed the floor. An eccentric pianist played chilling tunes to ease guests into the evening, and were then lead through a series of tunnels with flashing strobe lights and the sounds of dripping water and cracking pipes added to the atmosphere.

Halloween in London

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